Vintage wood signs – NEW!

Here is another project I worked on earlier this year. Chalkboard looking vintage signs for the Garden and the Farm. I received a sample of these and they are amazing! Here are a few designs, the rest can be found and purchased HERE.

NEW Floral designs now available!

I had so much fun creating these assemblages of my flower paintings that are done in oils and watercolors. More to come, so stay tuned! These are available via World Art Group.

Flowers in oil, on collaged background


In the studio this past weekend I was busy doing all kinds of projects, this was one of them.  A 12 x 12″ pattern collage with a sweet purple oil painting of a poppy that I used to grow on my back deck before I moved from TN. I knew one day I would paint those flowers as they were gorgeous! I love the combination of the dress pattern colors with the purple/pinks of the poppy. There are 4 in total, I can’t wait till you get to see them all! My dining room and kitchen looks like a hobby lobby exploded (and yes, I do have a little studio, but it also is full of projects. We are busy peeps!) My nights are filled with art and school work with the kids and some kind of sport (to keep the stress down). Sometimes I sleep.


Mystery of the Ball Jar Caper


My work station changes often, depending on my mood, what project is pressing on the schedule, what I WANT to do, what kid happens to be sitting at my desk, etc…. this is one of my projects. An illustration (one of two) for a children’s book project that I am collaborating with my bff on (he did the writing) that involves a jar, money being swiped, a hunt for said money and lots of interrogation in the house hold for said money which takes some interesting twists and turns…. Anna and her side kick Freddy the Bear go on this adventure together. It has quite a nice storyline and fun circumstance, great ideas for illustrations and I have TONS of suckers – er – models for those illustrations! This will be a good saga to follow as who knows where this will take us. Hope you will stay tuned for this! After illustration 2 is done, I will need a publisher, so that will be the next step! Hunting time!

In the Studio… painting away….

I thought you might like to see some of the things I am working on while I have time to paint. These are just a sneak peek of a FEW things that are coming out of the brush at the moment. Other things are florals, illustrations for a book, and the beginnings of some oils – I bought new canvas this evening!

I used to paint fuzzy faces a lot, well, basically that was ALL I painted back in the mid 2000’s. So, this partial collection is bringing me back to those days, loosening me up a bit and taking me back to those days. I like it :-). I hope everyone else does!

Some of these are on Aquabord, some on Canson watercolor paper. My paints are Daniel Smith. My brushes, Dynasty Black Golds.

It is time for me to relax a bit and get off this computer!


I present to you the Redstreake Fabric Collection at the Guildery.

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Collection #1 – Belle Epoque (peruse on Guildery site)


Collection #2 – Bountiful (peruse on Guildery site)


Collection #3 – Hesperides (Peruse on Guildery site)


I am so excited about this journey into the fabric world. The possibilities are endless for the future! I have so many more ideas, so many more watercolors that will take a jump into the textile realm. 2016 will hopefully bring dozens more designs into the Redstreake portfolio. I hope you will stay with me :-). Guildery, I thank you for believing in me. – Jen


Beautiful BEAUTIFUL fabrics! Designed by moi!

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One of the amazingly awesome projects I got to do this year was design a few fabric collections, one of which just launched last week on the Guildery website. The Guildery, a drool worthy place to purchase not only gorgeous fabrics from uber talented artists, but wallpapers, pillows, table linens, draperies and now gift wrap! The staff of this exceptional biz took their time with me while working on my collections and the results are sigh worthy. Big thank you to Joyce Li who is someone who I hope to work with so much more in the future as her talent and eye is fantastic. Peruse this collection as I am very proud of it and I hope that the next one we worked on comes out soon, too! Created using my watercolors, shown below, and old vintage handwritten french letters, post stamps and my own handwriting and sketches, this particular collection is near and dear to my heart. Inspired by my many travels to France with loved ones, it is entitled “Belle Epoque”. I hope you enjoy it!


Happy Merry Christmas, 20% off SALE!


ROOSTERS! On SALE! And so much more in my Etsy store! All of my original art is 20% off until the end of December. I am adding paintings almost daily as I get to them, my studio is so full and these gems need a home :-).

As this amazingly BUSY year comes to an end and a new year begins, so does a new series of paintings which is itching to come out of me and onto Aquabord and paper…. my new studio in Alabama is DONE and calling to me to create in it. I hopefully will be a member of the Huntsville Art League in the coming days so I can be showing my work at Lowe Mill soon! This year has also brought us SEVEN licensing contracts with absolutely amazing companies that do different things, pushing me to create in many ways I never thought I would be. I even have a FABRIC line now, how crazy is THAT! And it is beautiful!!  I am grateful for many things that 2015 has brought me. My road is a long one, it isn’t easy being an artist, trying to license and make a brand, it is endlessly tiring juggling being a mom, working your day job and making sure you do that RIGHT before anything else, painting at night and designing, trying to be creative and on your game at the end of the day when the kids are in bed (which, let’s be honest, is HARD to do all the time. I don’t have it in me 24/7). I am thankful for that glass of wine sometimes. And I drink too much coffee during the day. Sleep is a luxury. However, I love what I do, I love seeing the end result and it makes all the hard work WORTH IT. When my kids come home from school and tell me that they show their friends my paintings at school on their laptops and their friends really LOVE them, that makes my day! My kids like what I do. My insides go mushy. My kids inspire me. And that one guy, he knows who he is, started it all and I love him for it.

More updates soon! Go buy some art!

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“Happy Death by Coffee” new watercolor!

"Happy Death by Coffee" watercolor on aquabord, 12 x 12"
“Happy Death by Coffee”
watercolor on aquabord, 12 x 12″

The latest in the mini figure series… a storm trooper meets his demise, happily, in a cup of delicious hot coffee.
(I don’t know about you but I love COFFEE!)

Prints will be available soon! Stay tuned 🙂

Amy Pond, Waiting for the Doctor II


Watercolor on Aquabord, 8 x 8"
Amy Pond, Waiting for the Doctor II Watercolor on Aquabord, 8 x 8″

The latest in my mini figure series, Amy Pond finds herself perched atop a beautiful purple iris, waiting for the Doctor to show. Painted on Ampersand Aquabord, this 8 x 8″ watercolor I think is my favorite so far! Canvas prints of this watercolor will be available soon exclusively on iCanvas!