Tucumcari, NM – watercolor

Ok, so usually when I work I have several pieces going at once. Call it me trying not to bore myself to death. I like to switch myself around when I get tired of working on one piece, I set it aside and pick up another for a few hours… then I go back to the previous with fresh eyes. It works for me :-). This watercolor I started last night and I am loving it already! I shot this photo when I was driving through Tucumcari, NM. Part of this strip of Route 66 was like a ghost town… ancient businesses now forgotten. Some really great old 50’s signs rusting and dusty. I find these quite beautiful in their own way. Especially behind the lens of my Nikon. So, once I get my 500 or so photos on my mac at home I eagerly pour through them until the ones that beg to be painted surface, this was one of them. Stage one of painting… Watercolor on aquabord, 8 x 10″ with daniel smith watercolors (of course). I don’t know if I will ever go back to pastels, folks… I am hooked to my newly found medium. Forever? Dunno… for now? For sure. Update forthcoming….

Restaurant sign

watercolor, 9 x 12"

  1. Great! I can’t wait to see your progress.



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