4 x 12 sliver paintings in acrylic

So, I was at Michaels last week and they were having a canvas sale. Any sale at an art supply store is a dangerous thing for me. It’s like taking a crack addict to a wholesale crack store where everything is on sale! Yeah, it gets pretty bad with me. Anyway, I saw these cool canvases, 4 x 12″, 1 1/2″ deep. I bought a few packs of them. So far, this is the result… I am not much of an acrylic painter, but I have been playing with them here and there… I think it is because I was using really crappy acrylics before, the pigments were not that great. I got turned on to the Amsterdam acrylics because of my good friend and FANTABULOUS artist Carole Foret (www.caroleforet.com). She teaches painting classes, of which I took one. She uses the amsterdam acrylics, I loved the colors! So, I have been buying a few of them at a time when they are on sale. I like painting horses and flowers, and usually I have to add my swirly thingies to whatever I do (sort of my trademark), there will be LOTS more of these coming up soon!!!

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