What I love to do most.

'Hildy', oil on canvas, 11x14"

The best thing about being able to create with paint and canvas is doing commissions for people. I absolutely LOVE this process. For some it is a daunting task. Many can be very picky when it comes to their fuzzy faced loved ones or their children. They are critical about detail and wanting it to be ‘exactly like the photo’… even though some of us are not photo realistic painters. I try to come very close when I take on a commission, and luckily, for nearly all the paintings I have done, the soul of those loved comes through clearly. As I start each piece I get nervous about the process. Will it turn out? Will I meet the client’s expectations? Will I be happy with my work? Will I have good photos to work from? (that is a biggie). Tis the season for commissions and I get so excited as each piece is finished and sent out, knowing that it is going to a loving home, wishing I could see the face as it is opened. Sometimes I am lucky and I get to see the expressions at the unveilings. Most of the time, however, I am lucky if I get an email as to the final impression my art has on someone. I honestly LOVE to hear about it. Please tell me.

Tis the season… do you need a loved one immortalized in paint and canvas? 🙂


  1. Wow, beautiful work! I really like the look and style of your drawing and paintings.



    1. thanks so much! I do love to paint, keeps me out of trouble 😉



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