A new found love…

So, you know art is my life, right? (besides being a mom to my 3 exceptionally handsome boys). I am not one to just sit and do nothing and I do believe it drives some of my friends crazy. I cannot watch tv and just be satisfied in just WATCHING… my brain wants to do something else, multi task… multi task… It isn’t because I drink a ton of coffee, though that probably doesn’t help matters. It is because I have an explosion of ideas in my head literally dribbling out and I can’t ‘create’ fast enough. One of these ideas was hand painted jewelry using acrylic paints and antique papers/book pages.

Earlier I was collaging with these said pages and, what usually occurs, my brain said HEY! Jewelry, maybe? So, I did my regular routine of hitting the Michaels store for ideas and lo and behold, my pendants were born. Some of them have pieces of books that are from the 1890’s, children’s books like The Wizard of Oz and T

he Count of Monte Cristo . I have made crosses with collaged bible passages from a bible dated back to 1917. I am addicted to making these, each one I would wear myself. I have now taken over the kitchen table with this project. Soon, the whole house will be nothing but a studio.

If you are interested in checking out my jewelry, visit my online store.

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