Collages ready for the show…

So,  as you know, lately I have been really getting into the very relaxing motions of collage making. It is like therapy for me. Each one I just absolutely love and is a part of me. I would hang every one of them in my house and look at them all the time and smile. I would probably make a zillion more because truly it makes me happy and I feel good piecing them together. I, however, will be offering these little gems for sale during Panoply at the end of April, and you can see a preview of them on my website here.  I will be adding to them as I remember which ones I forgot to add to the list.  The cool thing (I think that it is cool anyway) is that Flip Video really likes these designs and I have submitted them as covers for their totally awesome camcorders! You can check them out here! I must say, they do look pretty nice adorning their hardware… I must get my hands on one. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do… the collages really are cool in person, lots of textures and colors… hope to see you at Panoply!!

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