The Laughing Dog… commission WIP



Well, I am back to doing my commissions after a bit of time off from my watercolors. The first is this hilarious picture of the laughing dog. I am loving how this is turning out! Painting on my all time favorite Aquabord by ampersand and using my Daniel Smith Watercolors, it is truly a joy seeing this watercolor come to life. I need to be a bit smarter about how I store this when I am not working on it, tho… the previous commission, a pastel of a cat… well, it almost got blue cat footprints all over it! ** NOTE TO SELF: do not leave your pastels out so that the cats can use them to make art of their own… ** Yes, my drafting table had blue footprints all over it, all over my carpet, couch… blue everywhere… and the weird thing is, I wasn’t using my blues… but that is what they got into.

Anyway, this is the first WIP of the laughing dog… more to follow soon!!

8 x 10″ watercolor on aquabord

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