4 macaroons, each 4×4″

I am on a macaroon kick these days. I can’t stop painting them. They are so pretty and colorful. They are fun to make, too! (way too fun to eat as well.) Here I did a series of 4, each little painting is 4 x 4″ and painted on aquabord. They can be sold as a series or sold separately. I haven’t decided yet. More will be painted I am sure. I think it is turning into an obsession. I suppose I should ride it out and see where it takes me. You should see them in person, they REALLY are precious! They would be killer in a bakery or in a kitchen somewhere. Actually they look really good in MY kitchen. I am not supposed to hang on to every single painting I do, though… (so I am told.) The point is to create and distribute, right? Share the love :-). Ok, I will share…
Each of these little beauties is $35. I will list them on Etsy and then post the link here. They will also be with me when I go to Panoply, if I am so lucky as to get IN to that show in April. (Huntsville, AL) I most likely will have a zillion more of them, along with probably a zillion cupcakes, candy and probably something else edible in a watercolor painting. Stay tuned for a preview!

These paintings are now available for sale in my Etsy store HERE

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