Hot pink Tulip

I started teaching watercolors at the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center this month and it, so far, has been a blast! I teach exclusively on Ampersand Aquabord, which is really my surface of choice. It beats paper, hands down (for me). A lot of watercolorists wouldn’t agree, and all of them are right in their own respect, but for me, I feel I have more control over what I am working on, more control over each brush stroke and my layers and layers of color. Trust me when I say I have TRIED paper and just never ever took to it. I swore I was never a watercolor artist and never would be. I always went back to my trusty dusty pastels or my ever so loyal oils. I have been painting in watercolors now for 2 years on aquabord and am almost (ALLLMOOSTTT) exclusively painting IN WATERCOLORS these days… Watercolors, I might add, that are pretty much ONLY by Daniel Smith. The best quality pigmented WC’s around. The colors are fantastic!

I occasionally will break out the pastels for a commission, but they are sorrily neglected in their case on the shelf. I have been using my oils for yet another commission that I finished up today, and I have truly enjoyed using them… but I just had to work in my watercolors on the kitchen table intermittently… (my son hates this, as a side note, because the kitchen table looks like Hobby Lobby threw up all over it and now there is no place to EAT there…). Ah, the house of an artist….

Anyway, that being said, longwindedly… I finished a watercolor and an oil painting. First the watercolor. A seriously hot pink Tulip. 5 x 7″ on aquabord.  I still have to shoot a picture of the oil painting, but it is crappy weather outside and windy. Better to do that when there is no chance the painting will blow away….

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