woes of a failing portrait…

Here is something you don’t see in an artist every day. An admittance of a possible failure. This could be mine. A watercolor I have been coming back to and coming BACK to for a while now, knitpicking on this and that, her face mainly… it is still not done. I am still not happy with it. The problem? Most likely I am working from a ref photo that I shot of the model that has a harsh shadow and I am fighting it tooth and nail! Isabel lives in Asheville so I can’t ask her to sit for me. Only option is to use photos. This pose was perfect, PERFECT! Just too much shadow on her right side! So… I press on… This is the WIP shot as it stands now. She is a 9 x 12″ watercolor on ampersand aquabord using assorted Daniel Smith watercolors. I will give it another go, if it still doesn’t look right, in the bin it will probably go and I will have to choose another photo. But, you know how it is… you spend a lot of time on something…  you want it to WORK! *sigh*

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