Isabel, resurrected! And a few detail shots :-)

If I haven’t said it already, I will say it again: I LOVE AQUABORD!

Why? because if I was using paper (and I KNOW I will get hell for saying this because all you paper users will throw tomatoes at me) I am not so sure I could have saved this portrait. Seriously. I lifted so much paint off this, it was getting to be crazy. On paper, I believe I would have wore holes in the surface. It is unbelievable how easy it is to remove unwanted paint on aquabord. And then, to go back in and add another color to revive that area, fix it, and go on… I am finally satisfied with it. At least to give to my sister, since this is my all too glorious and lovely Niece :-). I will crop the bottom of the bantam’s legs off in photoshop when I edit for my picture book, I am not all that happy with that part. But LOOK at the detail shots, how cool those are. Can you SEE the awesome luminescent colors I used in the top of her dress, the little dots… it is really neat in person, trust me.

I posted the close up shots just for my friend Sandrine Mathern Curtiss . Hope she likes them!

So, here is the final painting, and then I will post a few close up shots so you can see some brush detail.

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