2 new pattern collages, but with a new twist ;-)

Stepping away from the watercolors for a sec… (occasionally I have to do something just completely different) I went back to my other favorite fun and sorta messy medium: pattern collaging! IF I get into the totally awesome Panoply Arts and Crafts festival in Huntsville, AL this year (we find out in a few days if we were juried in or not) I will be splitting my booth in 2 sections: Watercolors and pattern collaging. You have seen lots of my watercolors now, here is a tidbit of my pattern collaging. These two new pieces show how my technique in the collage effort is growing, changing, evolving. I shoot a lot of photos, and I mean A LOT of pictures of flowers. Granted, the pretty yellow ones were shot by an amazing artist Jeannie Sandoval, who I met during my last trip to Ghost Ranch, the other two tulips I shot at the Biltmore in NC. I am trying to incorporate florals into the collaging somehow, this is what I am getting. Personally, I am diggin’ it. Personally, I would hang them ALL up on my wall and never sell ANY. I could look at them all day long. They just make me HAPPY. My bigger pieces seem to sell FAST. Whenever I take them somewhere, the just find a forever home immediately. I decided to start doing smaller collage florals and see how that goes. See if people like them just as much. I sure do! What do you think?  These are 4 x 12 x 1.5″ canvases. Acrylic paint, dress patterns from @ 1970… super cool. 🙂

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