Inspiration for next painting?


So, after I did the cotton boll, I posted it in my various places and wondered ‘what is next?’, I got a few suggestions, considering I was doing the ball jar paintings…someone said, “You should do a ball jar WITH some cotton in it!” Well, I thought that was a really awesome idea, SO… I grabbed my cotton and plugged it into said ball jar and shot away… I got a few good ones in the bunch and this is one of them. I like the way this shot looks, so, I will start working on it. I realized that I don’t really show my reference shots all that much, well, here you go. You get to see it from the beginning this time, start to finish! I will be going to Asheville to visit my sister so I am not sure if I will be working on this particular piece during that trip or not, but we shall see. I will also be working on a jellyfish painting, a rather large one for me. (among others). So, subscribe to my blog and get notifications when I post updates! I promise they will be super cool 🙂 More later!

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