2 ball jar ACEO’s, almost finished… late night paintings…

It is past midnight but I wanted to post these little ACEO’s that I started tonight. They aren’t quite finished but I am pleased with the progress in them. I am using my new aquabord aceo sized pieces that Ampersand made for me. They are just fantastic, I couldn’t be happier! I used to do ACEO’s all the time, mostly in pastels and always animals. I stopped doing them for a few years. I swore that if I ever started again, it would be ONLY on aquabord. But Ampersand didn’t make that size in aquabord, so… I asked them to make me some. They were awesome as always and I got 60 pieces in the mail :-). I am a happy happy watercolorist! These two paintings are my first ones. In the Atlas jar painting, I set the jar up with some funky colors so it really is a play on the reds through the green glass. I am a bit iffy about that one yet… not sure how it is working out. It is a bit daring for me. What do YOU guys think? The other is more ‘safe’, I guess ;-). I have 2 other ball jar aceo’s I will be doing after these, then some lily paintings from photos I took at the Biltmore, one of my favorite places to go visit. (SO glad my sis lives in Asheville. Very convenient for me!). Anyway,

  1. The reds are sure a different twist. I like it !



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