“Buckaroo Motel” another Route 66 vintage sign in the works…

Update April 1st

FINISHED! This painting is available for purchase for $350 via my Etsy store HERE.

"Buckaroo Motel"
12 x 16" watercolor on aquabord

Update: March 29th

More done on the bottom half of the sign tonight :-). Hope to get a better photo of it when it’s done, my iPhone just doesn’t do it justice in my dark studio at night!

Ah, I am back to something more challenging, something BIGGER, another vintage motel sign with lots of little lightbulbs and neon… My third in this series. I spent a good 3 hours on it last night, my iPad blasting episodes of Heroes while I painted. I get into a groove and before I know it, it’s past midnight… Looking forward to getting back into this one… and then I have a very special portrait to do for my friend Ali. I should be ready to tackle that one this weekend. My twins come home, too. I will be a happy mom, indeed :-).

"Buckaroo Motel" Work in progress
12 x 16" watercolor on aquabord

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