Egads! 1 week and counting!

Time is flying by and I am scrambling to get my work ready for Panoply next weekend! 1 week! Where did my MONTHS go? Yes, I am stressing. I am a stressball ready to explode. I have lots of stuff to do, framing, paintings to finish (including the one I am going to show you in a sec) and my list of ‘stuff to bring’ also to make. I have to figure out how to set up my tent, how to make sure all is just perfect… My works of art will be out for everyone to see! It is a bit exciting (getting the butterflies.. you know the feeling) and at the same time, overwhelming. Can I DO this?

This is a watercolor I am working on currently. I WISH I could show you the other big one I am doing, but it is a surprise for someone. One of my bff’s from high school. (her project). SOON, though, I promise! This one, however, is a gypsy horse of which I had the utmost pleasure of meeting. Ivy is her name. Elizabeth Sescilla is her human mom. I shot pictures of her several years ago and she is one damn gorgeous mare! I have painted her several times… This is a 5 x 7″ watercolor painted on ampersand aquabord and once it is finished, I will update this blog. It will be available for sale during Panoply next week. 🙂

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