A shot of my watercolor class yesterday :-)

I am so proud of my students! They are doing great with their watercolors, each person has their own unique style and vision. I love being able to give them the same photo to paint from and then see how each one turns out differently. I try to let them have free reign as far as adding different colors than what they see… and boy, it is just awesome. They are also really getting used to painting on the Aquabord, too. I have many new paper to aquabord converts now :-). It really isn’t about ‘choosing’ or having to choose specifically the ground you paint on or ‘you won’t be in the cool group’, it is a preference. I have had students say they still like 300 lb cold pressed arches paper and still like aquabord, equally. I suppose it depends on what they are painting, how they want the paint to move on the surface and their expectations of it. I just bought a piece of aquabord that is HUGEEEE… 24 x 30″ (I think that’s right). I have no idea what to paint on it, it looms at me in the studio, begging for a subject to be used for. I am thinking maybe horses… flowing manes and tails… lots of color, lots of movement. Yes. I think that is what I will do.

Anyway, (sorry, got off on a tangent there)… here is the photo of my students painting their little pears. Next week, we paint Irises! Beautiful flowers from a beautiful place: The Biltmore in Asheville. (I would move in there if I could… I can dream.) I have a few spots left open if you are interested in joining us! Click on my watercolor classes tab at the top of my blog to learn more!

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