Fresh Dill and Grand Marnier Gravlax

For those of you who know me, I love to cook. Especially gourmet cooking. There is a family near Ellicott City, MD that I will always love and who taught me a lot about french culinary cuisine and the art of being a pastry chef. If you ever are in the DC area, taking a trek to Ellicott City and eating at Tersiguel’s Country French Restaurant will make you feel like you have died and gone to HEAVEN. I have yet to eat at a restaurant anywhere else that can beat their flavors nor freshness on the plate.

At any rate, today I decided to break away from the brushes and paint and do some art in the kitchen. I have been wanting to make Gravlax for a while, this was one of my favorites at Tersiguels. This is my doctored up recipe and I will share the photos with you here along with my process. I drizzle a bit of Grand Marnier on this, just a bit… I hope you enjoy :-). I get to eat it in 2 days! (It is the wait that I hate, I really  have no patience when it comes to this dish. Anticipation…. ugh!).

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