E is for Excellent Blueberry Pancakes!



So, every time I make pancakes at my house, my 8 year old son Maarten tells me, “Mom, these are EXCELLENT pancakes!” Hence, the inspiration for this ACEO :-). I couldn’t help myself.

To purchase this ACEO painting, visit my etsy listing HERE.


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  1. Now my girls want pancakes *drooling on screen*



  2. So I’m tooling through the A-Z list and clicked on your blog because it looked like something I would be interersted in, and I see the name Restreake, and I said to myself that’s just like Sam…and what do you know, totally randomly I clicked on my friend Sam’s sister’s site. LOVE it by the way! Following you now. Can’t wait for more.



  3. Holy smokes your art is lovely!

    And it makes me hungry.

    Seriously. 🙂



    1. Why thank you! 🙂 I am usually hungry when I am painting food. I should eat before I do those. :-\



  4. Had Blueberry pancakes for breakfast at the weekend. very yummy looking picture.



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