K is for Kingfisher


Ok, so this painting is already sold to my 8 year old son Maarten. As I finished it, he said “I MUST have that one! How much is it?” I told him, “Well, I am selling them for $39. So…” He said… “Geezzz, that is going to take me forever to save up for that. How about $20?” I said, ” Maybe we can negotiate some extra chores for it? There’s dog poop to be picked up this weekend…”….

….. “um…”

“Done! Pinky promise it’s mine?”

“Pinky promise.”

Now if I can do one that Freddie would want….


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  1. Sounds like a great trade! Your picture of the kingfisher is lovely.



    1. Thank you Ann! Come to think of it, that bird has all the colors of ball jars in it :-), no wonder I love it!



  2. HA! That was a cute story – sounds like Maarten knows what he wants!



    1. yeah, but once that “chore comes around, he may change his tune….”



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