M is for Mexican Food



Ok, this one isn’t an ACEO sized watercolor painting but it IS a watercolor painting nonetheless! I took the shot in Tucumcari, NM by the side of the road, its barely standing, this old neon sign of awesomeness… The last two years I took this trip, it was still standing. I want to do a really large painting of it someday. Rusty, dirty, old, decrepit (like I am feeling today, actually)… sheer coolness to paint….


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  1. I love old signs like this. It is a piece of the past we can still enjoy!



  2. sweetbeariesblogposts April 17, 2013 at 11:12 am

    I love Mexican food, and I like to put my own spin on the dishes. I do not care for heavy things, so often I prefer to make a delicious avocado salsa to eat with chips.



    1. It CAN tend to be a bit on the heavy side, I usually stay away from the beans and rice, we have a favorite place we go to here that does a fresher turn on things, makes me feel like I am less STUFFED when I go there! Thanks for visiting! I just went to your blog and commented 🙂



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