T is for TARDIS… Oh How I Want Thee



Growing up in my household with a Space Cadet father was fun. Super fun! That meant that Dr Who was required TV and I was super ok with that. So ok with it that I grew to have a sort of obsession with Tom Baker at the time… I do believe that if he had beamed his TARDIS in my backyard and asked me to visit strange worlds with him I wouldn’t have blinked. Today, I think I may blink once while I gaze quickly at my children and THEN say yes… (I would of course ask if I could take them WITH me, what kind of mom do you think I am!?) And if they look like David Tennant, even better. I always dreamed of having my own TARDIS, and I have passed that dream on to one of my twin sons, Freddie. He is the now recently obsessed Dr Who fan who wants me to paint his bedroom door like said TARDIS so when he goes to bed at night, he is … well… you know… going into his TARDIS and visiting other worlds in dreamland… (so sweet, eh?). Maarten however is NOT a Dr Who fan, far from it. If you talk like a Dalek in his presence, he shrieks and runs. (seriously). Hey, we all can’t be Dalek fans. They ARE assholes.


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