U is for Utensils



I am afraid I don’t have anything witty to say about utensils. Actually, I had a hard time coming up with something interesting for the letter U. I asked my kids,

“Kids, what should I do for this challenge day? Ya got anything for U?”

They are quiet for a while in the car on the way to school this  morning, then start spewing out nonsense… the funniest was what Freddie said though, which was,

“How about that yougula thingie”.

I said “The whaat?”

He said, “You know, that thing… you know? In your throat!? Doesn’t it start with a U?”

I said, after I snorted coffee out of my nose (and then realizing that DID start with a U, and then being impressed that he realized that it DID start with a U), “You mean the UVULA?”

He said, “Yeah! that thing! Do that!”

I said, “Gross, NO.”

Maarten said, “Do a Unicorn.”

….. (crickets)….

So, I dropped them off to school and did silverware. Otherwise known as Utensils. Whatever.

(a UVULA? seriously? Who would buy a painting of THAT? ew.)


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  1. OMG! Now I’m choking on coffee *kids are endless fodder for comedy*



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