AH, I will finish my alphabet ACEO’s BUT…

Even though Panoply sorta got in the way of my A to Z blog challenge, I WILL finish it regardless that it is technically over. I want to get to the end of that project and I do have my ACEO’s planned out. I only have 5 more to do. The point of it was not for me to win anything anyway, but for me to PAINT every day. Actually, I WAS painting everyday, but just not those. I was working on this:


“Ball Jar with Daffodils”  9 x 12″ Daniel Smith watercolors on Ampersand Aquabord

It was my demo during the Panoply Arts Festival in downtown Huntsville last weekend. I painted on it pretty much all 3 days as people perused my wares. It was great fun and even though I didn’t meet my April challenge of finishing my ACEO’s, I did get to paint ,which was the point, really. I finished this painting above and I am proud of myself for that :-).

I loved working on this so much, I may do another on this hand painted table. Right now, I have oodles of poppies growing on my back deck, all colors… A plan is formulating….

Please check back though, because I will be posting ACEO’s again soon. I will. I promise. 🙂

  1. good for you, painting every day! and its gorgeous! well done getting as far in the alphabet as you did!



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