Having a Ball with a Peonie

I have actually been painting. Not what I should be per se. But I have been doing it. I worked on this painting for instance. I needed something that was just mind twisting hard, and that peonie just about did it in for me. Wow. I don’t know what I was thinking while I was shooting the photos. Complicated insides, that one. And on top of this table, which is also crazy. It is all busy, I know… does it work for you? Let me know. I am curious. It was certainly fun to paint! I like this table that I have now painted twice, there is something about it… It is just neat. I guess. The colors are cool, and mixed with the turquoise of the ball jar and then throw in some flowers… I  dunno… It is interesting. Like the daffodil painting on the same surface, this one is pleasing to ME. That Peonie is just LEAPING out to me! I used assorted Daniel Smith watercolors on this as well as my trusty Dynasty paint brushes. The surface is Ampersand Aquabord. It will be varnished in time, but I want to sit on it a bit before I finalize it with a few touches of Krylon. Please let me know what you guys think! Oh, and it is 11 x 14″.


  1. I think it’s great. I really like the colors & patterns on the table. That peony must have taken forever to paint, it’s perfect.



    1. That flower was probably the HARDEST I have done! The guts of it took forever! But I am always up for a challenge! Thanks for commenting!! I am glad you like it!



  2. A different view of the Ball jar – I like it.



    1. Thank you Debbi! I thought it was definitely different :-).



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