“Landed in the Wrong Place!”


"Landed in the Wrong Place!" Watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord, 9 x 12"

“Landed in the Wrong Place!”
Watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord, 9 x 12″

My latest finished project was my son Freddie’s idea. A die hard Doctor Who fan at 9 years old, it was kind of a no brainer that he would say, “Put a TARDIS in the ball jar!!”

The challenge was FINDING a little TARDIS that would fit IN a ball jar…

I looked all over the house, we have lots of them scattered about, considering I, too, am a die hard fan. The only thing that would work was his night light string of TARDIS lights hanging by his bed… the perfect size!!! But they were attached to electrical cords and would not quite get in the jar all tangled up like that… so… while he was at school, I… yes… cut one off. IT was for the sake of ART, people!!!

Our awesome friend who can fix any damn thing rectified the situation and made a 9 year old very happy in the end. All was not lost šŸ™‚

The result was this VERY cool and very fun watercolor painting that Freddie ultimately LOVES and will not let out of the house. I told him he gets a print of it since it was his idea. He scoffed at that immediately and said, “Mom, geezzz! I want the ORIGINAL!!!”

There will be much arguing about this. Can you tell?

I hope you enjoy this second in the “Captured!” Ball JarĀ series! If interested in this painting or others, you can contact me at redstreakeart@gmail.com.

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