A to Z challenge Reveal! Watercolor Madness!



Are you ready? I uh… am… kinda 😉

SO excited…. this A to Z challenge is going to be SUPER FUN this year! Last year I ALMOST MADE IT by the skin of my teeth, I lacked 4 posts! FOUR!! But to my defense, I was in Panoply and had no way to get those last posts UP so…. THIS year, I will be more prepared. (promise.) I think. I always say that, but I swear, I will have my **** together. (says the worlds biggest procrastinator!)

My theme?? I will be sticking with watercolors. YES, my favorite medium. Watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord using my favorite Daniel Smith watercolor paints and my trusty Black Gold paint brushes… Yup, why introduce something new, eh? The challenge will be in painting something and getting it up EVER day while getting the twin 9 year olds up and ready for school and ME up and ready for WORK – chugalugging coffee and pimping my ever so awesome UAH departments (the Earth System Science Center and Atmospheric Science Department, these folks are far out, people!!), racing through my freelance work and feeding the family, homework duty, bedtime duty, back to the easel and posting duty… you all get to watch said madness. I sure hope it will be entertaining.

legobatmanaquaman_instagramThe watercolors will be various sizes ranging from ACEO (2.5 x 3.5″) up to as big as a 12 x 18″ (if I may be so brave… I may not be, but who knows! My roomie may buy some good inspiring wine that weekend…). Legos, ball jars, sci fi, TARDIS paintings… anything could come out of this and YOU as the viewer, blog hoppers could benefit greatly from coming here and reading my nonsense… HOW??

I will be giving away 1 free signed fine art print EVERY DAY of whatever the painting I post will be to the #5 COMMENTER of the day!!

So, comment!! Get a print!!! FOLLOW ME!

**Each Commenter is limited to one free print!! **
I will message you if you win to get your email address and then your postal address!

So, now that we got that settled, Come back April 1st to see what the first painting will be!! Share with your friends!
See you then 🙂

  1. Now THAT’S an amazing prize! You need to bottle your awesomeness and sell it!
    resident bartender for A to Z Theme Reveal Party!



  2. This is my second year and I made it all the way last year by the skin of my teeth and said I would never do it again but never say never because I am back. Loved you watercolor, you are very talented.
    Came by from



  3. This is an AMAZINGLY FUN theme!!! And wow – what a lot a work you will be doing for the challenge – I’m super impressed already! Good luck! 🙂



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