P is for “Playmobile Luv… uh..what the….Dang it Aquaman!!”



As our lovely Playmobile couple gets nice and cozy (they are obviously in love, can you not tell?), that darn Aquaman has to photobomb the moment! Don’t you just love the expression on Charming’s face? “What the Fu…”  and Aquaman is all like “HOWDY! 🙂 Sup?”

Geezzz man….. For real?

She is obviously oblivious.

Blogs that rock (in my book!)

http://writerlysam.com/ (my sister’s writing blog!! Go see!)

Lauren Randalls Art

Amy Michele

  1. This one made me giggle. Thank you for that. 🙂



  2. Aquaman makes me think of an annoying little brother horning in on big brother and his gal!



  3. Go Aquaman! Charming does look irked, but if it were me, I’d swim off in the sunset with Aquaman!



  4. Hi, I’m visiting in the A to Z Road trip, and am really enjoying your toy theme. We are just leaving behind some pretty intense Playmobil years here at home, so this looks so familiar.



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