Q is for “Quietly Waiting for the Doctor” :: Amy Pond….

“Quietly Waiting for The Doctor”
Amy Pond Lego
4 x 4″ Watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord

All I can say is, this Lego Amy Pond looked really cool in my Lilies, just grabbing on to the stamen, so I had to shoot her that way. There have been weirder things in the show so this could most definitely happen, her sitting in a big flower, waiting for him to come pick her up. We all love the show in this house! The face on this lego though is kind of creepy, I am not sure I like it. But, not all of them can be winners! I got it painted! 😉

Blogs that rock (in my book!)

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Amy Michele

  1. I like the picture! Lovely post. #theawsomedish, visiting from the a to z challenge.



  2. I can see Amy sitting in a flower. So whimsical and pretty.

    Hope you are enjoying the A to Z challenge



  3. I really like the colors in this one.



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