R is for “Robot Ride ’em Cowboy!”


“Robot Ride ’em Cowboy!”
watercolor on ampersand aquabord, 4 x 4″

At some point I had to do a horse. Little did I know that one would walk into my house tonight in the shape of a LEGO horse! Oh yea. With a cowboy robot lego dude. The perfect combination for my “R” painting. I popped them atop a ball jar lid and shot a few pics and went to work. I need to take a better photo tomorrow as this one is not the best, but it is almost 11 pm here and my studio is rather dark. A lego horse. Super cool. I loved The Lego Movie, remember the Western Town scene? Funny stuff…

Now the kids are really trying to be creative since it is getting down to the wire for the last letters. They are pulling out their Lord of the Rings legos and their Harry Potter legos… Like, WHERE WERE THESE BEFORE, at the beginning of this?? Geezzz, they are cool. I am still trying to figure out to get the Chewbacca lego in here somewhere. W for Wookie? Maybe… 8 letters left!!

Materials used: Ampersand AquabordDaniel Smith WatercolorsDynasty Black Gold brushes

** the 5th commenter will receive a free SIGNED fine art print from me of this painting! I will contact you for your shipping address! **

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  1. It’s like a mini-homage to “Westworld”:)



  2. I’ve enjoyed this a-z challenge. I think l enjoy your stories as much as the paintings! Keep going. You’re almost there!



  3. Reblogged this on Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like River and commented:
    Oh robots and cowboys, two of my eternal flames!



  4. Aw cowboys, robots and LEGO, what else do you need?



  5. My imagination runs rampant when I imagine the great storyline behind the robot cowboy. 🙂



  6. I really like the way this one turned out.



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