T is for “Totally Aweso….holy crap that guy is huge!” Says Emmett.


Emmett and Steve, both construction workers from different worlds… My son Maarten and his friend Jared’s idea. Minecraft is a huge hit in this house as are legos, of course. It was destined for these two to get together and wield axes/blocks. I think Emmett may be a BIT intimidated by Steve, don’tcha think? 😉

Blogs that rock (in my book!)

http://writerlysam.com/ (my sister’s writing blog!! Go see!)

Lauren Randalls Art

Amy Michele

  1. My kids are mad about minecraft it is the bain of this house LOL, great pic and hello from another a-z blogger xx



  2. His facial expression is priceless! Too funny!! You’ve got to send these to LEGO, they need to hire you for marketing!

    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti



  3. Too funny!
    And you’re right – Sam’s blog ROCKS! ❤



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