U is for “um… You’re ugly. Let’s face it.”

Yes, I realize I am TOTALLY behind in this challenge (6 letters to be exact) but this challenge falls around the time I do a big arts festival and it always throws me off. I do the challenge for me and not for anyone else, so it doesn’t bother me that I am behind. I will still finish the letters, it may not be during the April timetable but it will be on MINE. And that is OK :-). At least I will FINISH. And each photograph will be painted, too. Eventually. And each 5th commenter will get their print. I promise.

Emmett is not very tactful as far as telling people how it is. Even the ugly ones. He just says what is on his mind. And this guy IS ugly. He can’t help it. He might be wondering why he can’t get a date or why he is the last one picked to be on Alien dodgeball.. He might be tired of hearing “But you have a nice PERSONALITY!” The truth hurts… but Emmett knows how to gently lay on the news.

Stay tuned for the watercolor painting… it will be up shortly!!!

  1. I personally think the pincers are a lovely shade of red!



  2. Looks like poor Emmett is getting a terrible fright.

    Looks like you have changed our site, looks good.



  3. I’m not sure if Emmett is scared or uncomfortable… he looks kinda awkward? 🙂



  4. He is definitely ugly. Ew.



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