Benedict Cumberbatch – graphite on rag paper


I have been itching to draw and/or paint this amazing actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. My mom picked the photo and it was a good choice. It shows his best features and incredible eyes. A handsome guy, there is no doubt, Benedict’s acting talent shines on the big screen as well as the small within our homes. He is incredibly versatile in his roll choice and he never disappoints. This particular drawing, done with ebony pencils on 100% rag paper is a birthday gift for my mother (who is a HUGE fan!). I will have to do one for myself next :-). Benedict, you are highly admired by the Redstreake family.

** I can not take credit for the photo ref of course, I am not sure who took it, but this drawing will not be duplicated or sold as prints. I drew from the original photograph, of which was given to my mother. Whoever took the photo, thank you for inspiring me to draw this amazing piece of art! If you need to contact me about it, please feel free to!

  1. Excuse me while I internally shout with glee over how perfect this is. Benedict is love.



    1. ha! Thank you!! And I 100% agree with you, he certainly IS!



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