Amorphophallus Titanum


“Amorphophallus Titanum”
Watercolor on wood panel

I am pleased to be a part of a group show in Asheville, NC coming up this April called the Temple of Flora. This is the first finished piece of two that I will be sending up for the show. I love how it turned out, though it was a challenge to be sure! Not only did I struggle with the watercolor ground I painted on the panel in order to do my watercolor work, other technical issues ensued as well. I had to learn to paint wet on wet because ground really weeps out into and beyond the edges. Painting dry on dry is almost impossible as it sucks in your paint like the sahara desert slurping its last drop of water from a rainstorm. But in the end, I embraced my inner painter that is always up for really ANY challenge and owned it! I am happy with the results and (like most paintings), this one looks way better from afar. Trust me. I will share the next one, a smaller piece, in a day or two.

  1. This is stunning! Is it available to add to my home? You know I love your work, and this perspective is a new turn.



    1. Hi Karen! (check your Etsy mail!) Yes, this painting is available for purchase for anyone who would like it. I have several collectors interested in it already though nobody has seriously claimed it as of today. The cradled board it is painted on was crafted by a local artisan from Asheville, NC and the watercolor measures 18″ x 24″. This painting will be $800 and is sealed with a Krylon satin varnish. It will be shipped to Asheville in the next day or two for the show and if not sold before, will be available for purchase up there. It is one of my best floral pieces I have ever done so far, I think. I am pretty proud of it! Very excited for the show!



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