Mystery of the Ball Jar Caper


My work station changes often, depending on my mood, what project is pressing on the schedule, what I WANT to do, what kid happens to be sitting at my desk, etc…. this is one of my projects. An illustration (one of two) for a children’s book project that I am collaborating with my bff on (he did the writing) that involves a jar, money being swiped, a hunt for said money and lots of interrogation in the house hold for said money which takes some interesting twists and turns…. Anna and her side kick Freddy the Bear go on this adventure together. It has quite a nice storyline and fun circumstance, great ideas for illustrations and I have TONS of suckers – er – models for those¬†illustrations! This will be a good saga to follow as who knows where this will take us. Hope you will stay tuned for this! After illustration 2 is done, I will need a publisher, so that will be the next step! Hunting time!

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