Can you paint my furkid? Why yes! Yes I can.

So, it has been incredibly busy in a very positive way here at the Redstreake studio. Keeping in mind that I do have a full time job with the best boss in Alabama, working as a graphic and web designer for UAHuntsville’s Earth System Science Center the last 18 years. And so, with that, my evenings and weekends are filled with painting, creating, licensing, kids and furkids. Since my launch into stores, I get so many requests like this “Oh! The dog with the birthday hat looks just like my dog! Can you paint a portrait of mine and how much does that cost?” Why yes, yes I can 🙂

I have been doing animal portraits, gosh, since back before I graduated college. I have honed my skill since then, changing mediums, playing with textures… These days I am 100% committed to watercolors. (Call it an addiction, when I see Daniel Smith watercolor tubes, I get all giddy and grab, grab, grab!) Ok, I also do dabble in oils and acrylic – so sue me! Seriously, I enjoy painting these fur kids in any medium, as long as the end result is the client LOVING his/her unique painting.

Though, I am a busy bee creating new wall decor, a new product line for Redstreake and taking care of homework needs for my twin 13 year olds, I can always make time for a special painting just for YOU. Head on over to my Etsy store and see if there is a size and price range that works for you. I even have a special going on right now! If you have questions, concerns, funny jokes, or inspirational ideas – Email Me! And yeah, I will get better at this blogging thing, I promise.

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