Nothing says YUM quite like paintings of food!

WIP Blueberry Crepes, Watercolor on Canson paper

Among the many subjects that I like to paint, food is probably #2 on that list! Especially dishes, fruit, favorite drinks, coffee, etc…. I just can get sooo into my zone when I am painting, I lose track of time. I did these 4 gems over the weekend, while I was sick with bronchitis and fighting off fatigue. I know, it is crazy but – I am not much of a ‘rester’, I need to feel like I can get something accomplished. I suppose painting relaxes me.Some of these are painted  on Canson 140 lb watercolor paper. I usually paint on Aquabord, but my supply was dwindling. Canson is actually a really nice surface to paint on, too. I am enjoying the cold press quite a lot.

Let me know what you think of these new paintings! What should I do next? Ideas? These new pieces can be found on the Daily Paintworks website where they are for sale.

Thanks for looking… Now it is time to cook!

Whole Cloves, watercolor on Aquabord


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