In my studio, there are so many projects going it is almost hard to keep up! The amount of coffee I drink is probably illegal, just to keep my head above water. Don’t get me wrong, I love when things are like this. I thrive on being busy. Multitasking is my thing. Hazzzaaa!

I love poppies. I love to grow them, look at them, take pictures of them and create products with them. There are so many colors, BUT I love the red the best. Or an orangy-red. This is an example of a quick watercolor, before playing with it in my editing software:

Scanned in artwork.

I do some watercolor designs, then scan them in and start messing with them in fun and unique ways. For example, I love to collect old, handwritten French letters. I go nuts with the ‘feel’ of them, the script, the stamps, the years they were written (usually from the mid to late 1700’s)…. I use elements of these documents in my designs, like this:

Graphical layout of watercolor flowers.

And then, I think, what would this look awesome on? Sure, wall art is always an option, but what about PRODUCT? Would it be nice to have some kitchenware with poppies on them?

Here are a few examples of this artwork on such products:

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

What other flowers, do you think, would look great in layouts like this? Suggestions? I am open to ideas and love to hear what you all buy and collect!

Thanks for reading!



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