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Graphic designer / web developer by day – watercolor artist by night and raiser of wild children (can’t forget that, as those kids keep her feeling young and spry!), Jennifer stays very busy creating and garnering inspiration from everyday things. Best known these last few years with her ball jar series, Jen has also dabbled in painting tiny little playthings who get themselves into funny situations (her kids set up the scenes and she would paint them). She loves rendering complex florals in watercolor too, even those with withering petals, as she still sees the beauty in those that are dying. All stages of a flowers lifecycle are interesting to her and you can view them here on her website.

No subject is really off limits to Jen, she has painted everything and is open to anything. She loves to paint very detailed, applying layers and layers of transparent colors to achieve lots of depth and dimension. She can spend upwards of 20 hours on a painting if she is really into it. Those would be, in particular, the ball jars with the toys inside for example. She also loves to paint loose, which gives her brain a break from the tightness in her earlier works and allows her to play with the paint on the surface and see what it can do, using more water, alcohol and sometimes salt to achieve more abstract looks. Jen always uses the best in materials to paint the things she loves: Daniel Smith watercolors, Dynasty Black Gold brushes and her painting surface is Ampersand Aquabord.

Jen has taken those watercolors and transformed them into fabric. Yes, she has 3 awesome collections of gorgeous textiles (and hopefully more to come this year!) Check them out at the Guildery. Having a mother who is a fabulous textile artist and having quilted herself a time or two, this is something Jen has always wanted to do and which her partner in crime spurred her to try her hand at. (He has good ideas and she does listen to him occasionally.) Having a degree in Graphic Design is paying off with these interesting projects. 🙂

Hopefully 2016 will bring Jen’s art into brick and mortar stores as licensing opportunities expand in more directions. Having 8 licensing contracts in hand, already, her work is reaching places like Wal Mart and Wayfair, going as far as overseas to the European markets. We will try hard to solidify the brand that is Redstreake as Jen is working on a new collection of works including a wildlife line and more ‘Dans la Ferme’ and ‘Paris Botanique’ collections, which have been popular.

Jennifer’s art have been featured in many group and solo shows in the Tennessee Valley over the past 8 years. Her work can be seen in several galleries and are sought out by collectors all across the globe. Her new paintings in the coming year will both please her collectors and attract new ones (she hopes!). Her work has been featured in national magazines and has been published countless times in local media. Her art is now finding new homes on a global scale thanks to licensing, so now everyone can enjoy the works of art that she has envisioned and created.

Jennifer has also won 3 ADDY (American Advertising Awards) for her Graphic Design talents and several other awards. She has collaborated in about a half dozen published childrens and technical books (illustrated) and is working on one of her very own. She is her own graphic designer when it comes to the Redstreake Brand, is an expert in Adobe Creative Suite, which is very handy in the Art Licensing world, and can create art graphics for many projects for any company who needs it in any format.

Jennifer feeds her craving to create art by drinking tankards of coffee and lots of spicy Mexican food where she happily resides with her kids and partner in crime in Huntsville, Alabama.

Like what you see? Have questions for Jennifer? Ask away HERE!

  1. Jen…just love your blog and finished painting of Geoff (and all the others too)! You are so incredibly talented!!! I’m very honored to know you.

    Your friend, Joanne



    1. thanks Joanne!!! i am a big fan of yours, too! Your geese are hanging right at my front door so everyone can see them :-). love u!!



  2. Hi Jen,
    It was such a pleasure to visit with you at the Great Smokies Art Gallery on September 5. Thanks so much for stopping by! I really enjoyed perusing your website and will be checking back in every now and then to enjoy your beautiful artwork and to enjoy your newest works! Judy



    1. Judy, I am HONORED that you would take the time to check out my work! A forever fan of yours, I will always be inspired by the art you do. Thank you for the kind words! Don’t forget, Gypsy Vanners! You must try one!



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