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Gypsy, wip

Here is a watercolor I am working on finishing up hopefully this weekend. I paint a LOT of gypsy horses... well, horses in general, but my favorite breed has to be the Gypsy Vanner. (If you visit my website, you will see what I mean!)  This gypsy is being painted on aquabord with Daniel Smith ...


Jen’s Bijoux – coming soon!

One of the things I love in life is unique and different pendants / jewelry. I am constantly shopping around for something that catches my eye. And then I came up with the idea of doing mini paintings and making pendants out of them. Sure, this isn't a NEW concept, but it is for ME. ...


‘Mexican Food’, finished :-)

... and here is the finished sign. Long forgotten but still has its own beauty in color and texture.


Tucumcari, NM – watercolor

Ok, so usually when I work I have several pieces going at once. Call it me trying not to bore myself to death. I like to switch myself around when I get tired of working on one piece, I set it aside and pick up another for a few hours... then I go back to ...