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NEW Floral designs now available!

I had so much fun creating these assemblages of my flower paintings that are done in oils and watercolors. More to come, so stay tuned! These are available via World Art Group.

Flowers in oil, on collaged background

In the studio this past weekend I was busy doing all kinds of projects, this was one of them.  A 12 x 12" pattern collage with a sweet purple oil painting of a poppy that I used to grow on my back deck before I moved from TN. I knew one day I would paint those flowers ...

I present to you the Redstreake Fabric Collection at the Guildery.

Collection #1 - Belle Epoque (peruse on Guildery site) Collection #2 - Bountiful (peruse on Guildery site) Collection #3 - Hesperides (Peruse on Guildery site) I am so excited about this journey into the fabric world. The possibilities are endless for the future! I have so many more ideas, so many more watercolors that will ...