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Inspiration for next painting?

So, after I did the cotton boll, I posted it in my various places and wondered 'what is next?', I got a few suggestions, considering I was doing the ball jar paintings...someone said, "You should do a ball jar WITH some cotton in it!" Well, I thought that was a really awesome idea, SO... I ...


Hibiscus oil painting

When I do my oil paintings, I tend to do them large. Like this Hibiscus flower. This is a 30 x 36" original painted from a photo that I took at the Biltmore mansion in NC when I went to visit my sister. One of my absolute favorite places to go to (besides seeing my ...


“7 macaroons”

This is one I am working on now, not sure if I am finished with it or not... it is one of those projects where you have to 'step away' from it for a while and work on something else till it clicks. If it were you, would you leave it as is or add something? If you were a buyer, would you want to see MORE in this painting or is it good 'as is'? Thoughts? This is a watercolor on ampersand aquabord, 9 x 12"


YUM! A Cupcake!

This is another 4x4" watercolor I finished last night. I am on a food painting kick, it seems. (they are fun, can you blame me?!) "Pink Jimmies" 4x4" Watercolor on aquabord


Quick Study: “Pancakes with Blueberries II”

This is a quick watercolor study of pancakes... the second I have done. This one is 4x4". A mini painting... I am doing a series of these food mini paintings as I am in a cooking frenzy these days, so painting food just seems... right. Ya know? 🙂 Each of my 4 x 4" watercolors ...