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“Watching over You II”

This is a watercolor I have been wanting to do for a long time. Because it was challenging, hard, difficult - and the photographer, well... I wanted to do her photo justice! Elizabeth Sescilla took the photo ref. I have a few tweaks to do but it is almost finished! This watercolor is 9 x ...


‘Girl with Umbrella’

It has been a busy weekend for painting! I have several pieces to show you... the first of which was a commission of this lovely little girl and her favorite umbrella... This is a watercolor on ampersand aquabord, 8x8". I use assorted Daniel Smith watercolors when I do my paintings... they are the only paint ...


Savannah, WIP

This is my latest watercolor, almost finished. I need to work on another project for a while and come back to it. I am sure I still have some things to do on her...


WIP – hibiscus oil

This is the latest work in progress, almost finished! A 24 x 30" oil on canvas. I took this photo at the Biltmore a few years ago, always thought it would make a cool painting... so far so good! Not sure if I will keep this one or sell it... Hummm....


painted pendants w/ stones

It has been a busy 24 hours, 11 new pendants have been created, these with semi precious stones on each... all different, all unique and all original! Check out the store to see all of the designs! Happy shopping!


Cactus Fruit watercolor

Here is the other watercolor I finished and am very happy with it! I love how the colors turned out and I like the composition, too. Another photo that I took during my stay in NM. This painting is now up for sale in my Etsy painting store. You can purchase it here:


Indian Paintbrush watercolor

So, I am really trying my hand at challenging myself to paint NON HORSE paintings! Don't get me wrong, I love painting horses but I decided I do not want to limit myself, ya know? So, right now I am painting just a huge variety of subject matters... using my photography. (I am an avid ...