License art by Jennifer Redstreake!

Jen works with Daniel Smith watercolors on Ampersand Aquabord and occasionally dabbles in other mediums when the mood strikes her. Her paintings are vibrant, unique and versatile. The possibilities for products are endless! Jen has the heart of an entrepreneur and would love to work with companies that can see the potential in her works just like she can. She is even completely open to designing a whole line of custom paintings/works just to suit your needs for new product ideas! Being a top notch graphic designer, she can also work with your ‘in house’ templates to fit her designs within your existing products as well.  Jennifer currently is working with 10 licensing companies (iCanvas, World Art Group, NAXart, Trademark Global, Guildery, Poptrendz, Stupell, Creative Converting,  Artehouse and now Uniek) and would love to continue to expand her Redstreake brand with new product ideas!

If you think Jen’s illustrations and designs would be a great fit with your company, contact us! We can’t wait to hear from you and brainstorm cool ideas and possibilities! Lets be friends :-). Please check out my extensive portfolio at my website

Currently, she is looking for manufacturers and/or distributors in the following categories:

• Bedding Textiles
• Tabletop & Wall Art
• Digital Product Covers / Skins
• Publishing
• DIY Craft Products
• Home Decor
• Kitchenware
• fabric
• Stationary and Printed Paper Products
…and so much more!


If you have questions for the artist, ask them here:

Jennifer Redstreake:


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