Another pastel commission :-)

Another commission delivered to the client :-). This dog was really fun to do, I love all the colors and textures in this pastel :-). I think I am really needing, though, to do a horse now... more specifically, a gypsy. Will see how that one turns out! Several more commissions to do, including one ...


First Disney trip… watercolor WIP

I love when commission season starts, usually a month before christmas, people are rushing for great ideas for their loved ones... When I get to do these special moments, forever immortalizing them in paint and board, it makes me feel so good... The scene below is a detail of a watercolor commission I am working ...


commission time…

Commission season has started for me, my favorite time of year. Here is one that I just finished, a native american indian dog, absolutely gorgeous face! She was a joy to paint 🙂 If you are interested in a portrait commission, email me at redstreake@mac.com. (you can also visit my website at http://www.redstreakeart.com  


And so… ornaments were born…

Last night, while watching tv (I cannot just sit and watch TV quietly, I have to be doing something!) I made these collage ornaments. I punched the flowers out of old book pages, more specifically, from Charles Dickens' Christmas Books from the late 1800's. I love how they turned out! Each star is 2" and ...

New Jewelry added :-). Just in time for xmas shopping! Check it out!


Portrait Commission Sale! Now Thru December 30th!

Click on the image and it will take you to the sale!  


Jen’s Bijoux, newly stocked… and continuing to be….

So... I just finished a large batch of awesome handmade jewelry (pendants, earrings...) and I am so excited about them! Firstly, one of the coolest shops in my city is now carrying my mini works of art! Treasures! I drool every time I go in there, it is quite dangerous for me, really... I have ...

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