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Nothing says YUM quite like paintings of food!

Among the many subjects that I like to paint, food is probably #2 on that list! Especially dishes, fruit, favorite drinks, coffee, etc.... I just can get sooo into my zone when I am painting, I lose track of time. I did these 4 gems over the weekend, while I was sick with bronchitis and ...


Farmers Market Onion – watercolor

I could not pass up the opportunity to paint this gorgeous onion. The colors are fantastic (in real life, the actual onion... I mean...). So, painting it was super fun! I hope you enjoy it :-). This painting can be purchased via my Etsy store. "Farmers Market Onion" 8 x 10" watercolor on aquabord


“It’s Always Coffee Time!”

From glass to porcelain... and then probably back to glass again in a few days. I have an Atlas jar I am dying to get my paint on aquabord groove on. I finished this painting tonight, it started as a demo that I did with my watercolor students last night, I finished it up tonight. ...