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Flowers in oil, on collaged background

In the studio this past weekend I was busy doing all kinds of projects, this was one of them.  A 12 x 12" pattern collage with a sweet purple oil painting of a poppy that I used to grow on my back deck before I moved from TN. I knew one day I would paint those flowers ...


New Collages up on Etsy!

I finally got a chance to list some of my new pattern collages in my Etsy store! More to come, check them out! I really love making these, they look GREAT hanging in any room or on any color wall! I have them scattered throughout my home :-). Hope you enjoy!


Sewanee Arts & Crafts festival tomorrow, July 4th!

Ok, so for the past few weeks I have been getting ready for the Arts festival that will be up in Sewanee, TN. It starts at 9 and ends around 4. Come on up and see some great art! I will be sharing a booth with my friend Denise. Here are a few sample pics ...


Pattern Collages… now on Etsy!

Some of you who know me also know that I love doing pattern collages! Inspired by my artsy buddy Sabrina, these have become quite an addiction to make! They are now featured in my Etsy store... take a peek, be inspired, buy some art :-).


2 new pattern collages, but with a new twist ;-)

Stepping away from the watercolors for a sec... (occasionally I have to do something just completely different) I went back to my other favorite fun and sorta messy medium: pattern collaging! IF I get into the totally awesome Panoply Arts and Crafts festival in Huntsville, AL this year (we find out in a few days ...