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NEW Floral designs now available!

I had so much fun creating these assemblages of my flower paintings that are done in oils and watercolors. More to come, so stay tuned! These are available via World Art Group.


Having a Ball with Poppies

Yes, another ball jar painting! This one is 9 x 12" on ampersand aquabord using assorted Daniel Smith watercolors. The wood grain is interesting with the contrasting jar and poppy. I like the way it looks 🙂 This painting is available for purchase HERE. The price is $350 with free shipping!  


4 x 12 sliver paintings in acrylic

So, I was at Michaels last week and they were having a canvas sale. Any sale at an art supply store is a dangerous thing for me. It's like taking a crack addict to a wholesale crack store where everything is on sale! Yeah, it gets pretty bad with me. Anyway, I saw these cool ...