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Flowers in oil, on collaged background

In the studio this past weekend I was busy doing all kinds of projects, this was one of them.  A 12 x 12" pattern collage with a sweet purple oil painting of a poppy that I used to grow on my back deck before I moved from TN. I knew one day I would paint those flowers ...

2017 20% off SALE! ROOSTERS!

ROOSTERS! On SALE! And so much more in my Etsy store! All of my original art is 20% off until I decide to change it. I am adding paintings almost weekly as I get to them, my studio is so full and these gems need a home :-). More updates soon! Go buy some art!

Pony Soldier Motel – WIP shot

This large painting is coming along! 22 x 30" watercolor on cradled aquabord. Follow the WIP of this large painting on my Work in Progress page HERE! Lots of red and lots of blocking in before the details get painted. I can't wait to get to the light tubing inside the letters!

“Landed in the Wrong Place!”

My latest finished project was my son Freddie's idea. A die hard Doctor Who fan at 9 years old, it was kind of a no brainer that he would say, "Put a TARDIS in the ball jar!!" The challenge was FINDING a little TARDIS that would fit IN a ball jar... I looked all over ...

U is for Utensils

  I am afraid I don't have anything witty to say about utensils. Actually, I had a hard time coming up with something interesting for the letter U. I asked my kids, "Kids, what should I do for this challenge day? Ya got anything for U?" They are quiet for a while in the car ...


9 macarons… WIP (yeah, I know, more of those?!)

I can't seem to stay away from these colorful cookies. I started this one a while back. It is on a cradled piece of Aquabord and I wanted to get back into finishing it. I worked on it some yesterday, 9 macarons, all a different color. This is a 6 x 8" painting and so ...


Hibiscus oil painting

When I do my oil paintings, I tend to do them large. Like this Hibiscus flower. This is a 30 x 36" original painted from a photo that I took at the Biltmore mansion in NC when I went to visit my sister. One of my absolute favorite places to go to (besides seeing my ...