Work in Progress Samples

This page is for some WIP (works in progress) shots. I get asked quite often what my process is when I paint in watercolors. This page will give you some step by steps. The photos aren’t the BEST as I usually paint in the evening and my lighting for shooting isn’t great … but you will get the idea. :-).

March 2015 Floral project for a gallery show in Asheville, NC., :


The board I am working on for this project was handmade and delivered to me by an artist in Asheville.


I primed it with a Daniel Smith watercolor ground.


This ground I have found to be difficult to work with as I am a big fan of Ampersand Aquabord. My watercolors were bleeding all over the place while painting….


It took some time to get used to the new painstaking process, but eventually I got into the groove and went with it.


I had to switch my brain from working dry on dry to wet on wet with this. The results were rather pleasing!


The finished piece! “Amorphophallus Titanum”



The Makings of a Thank You Card (wedding project):

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WIP #1
Passion Fruit Bud
8 x 10″ Daniel Smith watercolors on Ampersand Aquabord

flowerpod_photo flowerpodWIP1 flowerpodWIP2 flowerpodWIPFINAL_____________________________________________________________________

Ball Jar
5 x 7″ Daniel Smith watercolors on Ampersand Aquabord


balljar1 balljar2 balljar3 balljar4 balljar5


Ball Jar with Cotton
5 x 7″


cottonballjar1 cottonballjar2 cottonballjar3 cottonballjar5

  1. Sold yet??? I found your blog through etsy. This one is beautiful too. Thanks, cassie



    1. ah, yes this was a commission for a wedding :-), so yes, sold. (the asian painting). The others are all sold as well, except for the passion flower pod.



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